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Canton Beach Family Recovery Centre


Family Recovery Centre is a private not- for-profit initiative committed to providing a quality, cost effective, residential recovery environment to families seeking recovery from alcoholism and addiction. The centre occupies the Lodge buildings at Canton Beach, with twelve step programming interwoven with the workings of the Lodge and grounds.
The 40 bed facility provides guidance and mentoring through the twelve step approach and traditions of Alcoholics Anonymous, although the facility is not associated with AA.
Guided by highly skilled, committed staff and volunteers, The Canton Beach Lodge is a compassionate recovery community devoted to helping families help themselves and each other through meaningful participation.

Recovery at The Canton Beach Lodge is a dignified healing process that welcomes families from all walks of life and assists their successful integration into their home communities with a commitment to lifelong sobriety. Meals are prepared and served family-style on our commercial kitchen and dinning room and group meetings are held regularly, allowing residents to provide the peer-to-peer support essential for maintaining sobriety. Comfortable, double occupancy rooms, with shared bathrooms and lounge rooms are provided to family members seeking a sober community from which they can continue their rehabilitation.

Admissions are made by private and confidential assessment by the Staff at The Australian Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence Inc.

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