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The Australian Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence Inc. (ACADD) is a not-for-profit organisation that provides education and support for Australians of all ages. The Council has been working effectively as the Head office Administration to its Alcohol and Drug Services since 2000.By popular demand A.C.A.D.D is building Australia’s Addiction Recovery Education & Research Centre, while saving families seeking recovery from addiction.

The Australian Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence Inc. is the admission centre for the Canton Beach Family Addictions Recovery Centre.

What does A.C.A.D.D do?


1. The HOPELINE – a 24 hour, seven days a week open line for all enquiries on problem drinking and drug use either your own or someone you know and are concerned about. Alcoholism and addiction is a family disease that everyone should learn about.

Hopeline – 1800 033 108

2. The Canton Beach Family Recovery Centre , a residential Family Addictions Recovery Centre, located at Canton Beach on the Central Coast of NSW 108km north of Sydney and 53.7km south of Newcastle.

3. Transitional Housing – my first home abstinent from alcohol and drugs.



Supporting Families

Assisting a friend or family Member in making the right decision toward a brighter future.
“No one needs to be unhappy because of someones alcoholism or addiction” We can help to encourage a family member, community member or employer to seek help for someone addicted. Everyone knows someone – find out what you can do.




How do I support someone in recovery?

Now your family member or employee has stopped relying on alcohol and/or drugs. They are clean and sober what do we do? How do we treat each other. Can I trust him/her? Yes you can help to make recovery successful. Learn all you can about alcoholism and addiction and your relationship to a recovery person. Whether a wife, spouse or partner, employer or professional your knowledge of their condition will enhance recovery.



Targeting all Australians, to invest in happier families, improved workplace environments – making a difference to build a stronger more productive and safe Australia free from addiction. The alcoholic and or addict is a sick person who needs to get well – not a bad person who needs to get good. Alcoholism is a disease “THE WORLD HEALTH ORGANISATION”



Make a donation today! See “Donations” Your donation may save a life, a family, a child Help make the difference!

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